If you have been sued or need to file a lawsuit as a result of an unresolvable dispute, Jane can help. Jane represents clients in civil actions who are seeking to recover unpaid debts, disputing a debt owed or breach of contract claim, or in some instances, seeking to recover money damages for injury or property damage sustained in an accident.

Civil Litigation

Jane represents clients in both state and federal courts throughout Long Island and New York City. She has over eleven years’ experience in civil litigation.

Please keep in mind if you have been served with legal papers there are litigation deadlines involved. Hesitation on your part to contact a lawyer for legal advice could cost you significantly, and negatively impact your rights or standing in the lawsuit. Be sure to seek legal advice from a qualified and experienced attorney as soon as you receive any sort of legal documents or notice that a lawsuit is pending against you.

Along those same lines, if you have been injured or wronged, your ability to file a lawsuit after the wrong has occurred is limited in time by statute. This means that if your lawsuit is not filed within the time period allowed under the law, you no longer have the legal right to sue for that wrong regardless of the claim’s merit, or the severity of the wrong committed. This is referred to in New York as the statute of limitations.

For instance the statute of limitations governing a breach of contract action is seven years. Thus, under the law in New York you only have a certain amount of time to sue a person or company. Be sure to contact a lawyer for legal advice as soon after the wrong has occurred, to ensure your rights are fully protected and that you don’t waive the ability to take legal action, if necessary. Seeking prompt legal advice after the wrong has occurred, will ensure that the outcome will be as favorable as possible.